Armor (also known as Flinch Resistance) is a new game mechanic in Super Smash Bros. Clash. It's extremely loosely based off the super armor system from the Marvel vs. Capcom games, where characters like Hulk and Juggernaut were able to absorb hits in a combo.

Attacks with a lower hitstun value will not flinch a character with high enough flinch resistance. Generally, armor only protects you from really weak projectiles (such as Falco's Blaster shots), weak jab hits, and some Strong Attacks.

Characters with a high armor rating also take less hitstun from attacks, and as such you have to be a little bit faster when combo'ing them. It doesn't make as much of a difference if you have a high armor rating as it does having a low one: You can take a lot of damage, REALLY quickly if you are playing as a low-armor character so beware. (this is ESPECIALLY true for Game & Watch; it is extremely risky to play as him against good combo characters. It can get to the point where characters can combo others off of a projectile if they recover quickly from their projectiles, akin to Guile's old Light Punch Sonic Boom tricks)

For example, Falco's tilt blasters have a hitstun rating of 0.042. Since R.O.B., Bowser, and Ganondorf have armor ratings above that, they actually don't flinch and can just plow through Falco's field of lasers; Bowser the easiest. They can't walk straight through Falco's charged blasters though.

Characters do have ways of boosting their armor up though: For example, Meta Knight in Master Mode and Zoroark in Illusion Mode take hits much bit better. Some moves, like Bowser's Side Smash and Black Shadow's Shadow Crusher, also have increased armor.

The ListEdit

  • 1. Bowser: 0.050
  • 2. R.O.B.: 0.048
  • 3. Ganondorf: 0.045
  • 4. Samus: 0.041
  • 5. King K. Rool: 0.039
  • 6. Black Shadow: 0.035
  • 7-8. Donkey Kong, Funky Kong: 0.034
  • 9-11. King Dedede, Charizard, Mach Rider: 0.033
  • 12. Bowser Jr.: 0.030
  • 13-15. Link, Toon Link, Wario: 0.029
  • 16. Captain Falcon: 0.027
  • 17-19. Lucario, Mewtwo, Mega Man: 0.025
  • 20-24. Yoshi, Marth, Ike, Roy, Isaac: 0.024
  • 25-32. Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Professor Layton, Kyle Hyde, Snake, Ocelot, Ryu: 0.023
  • 33-38. Vaati, Kamek, Ness, Lucas, Waluigi, Knuckles: 0.021
  • 39-40. Chibi-Robo, Pit: 0.018
  • 41-43. Fawful, Ivysaur, Ice Climbers: 0.017
  • 44-45. Dark Samus, Wolf: 0.0016
  • 46-47. Ridley, Meta Knight: 0.014 (Meta Knight's is 0.025 under Master Mode.)
  • 48-50. Peach, Fox, Falco: 0.010
  • 51-52. Olimar, Sonic: 0.009
  • 53-54. Zoroark, Little Mac: 0.007 (Zoroark's is his copied opponent's + 0.002 under Illusion Mode unless he copied R.O.B. or Mr. Game & Watch, where he doesn't gain any armor.)
  • 55-56. Diddy Kong, Pikachu: 0.005
  • 57-59. Kirby, Squirtle, Duck Hunt Dog: 0.004
  • 60-62. Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Jigglypuff: 0.002
  • 63. Mr. Game & Watch: 0.001