Bonus tasks are small in-game achievements that award you (or in some cases remove from you) points that go into your score. This is a feature returning from the first two titles that was removed from Brawl.

You earn these in all modes that keep track of your score after doing something like clear a stage section or win a battle. You can view all bonus tasks you've accomplished in matches in the Data menu under "Bonus Tasks".

Category Bonus name Points obtained Requirement
Aerial Combat Air Brawler 8000 Only attacked using aerials.
Aerial Combat Sky Assassination 6000 Only KOed opponents with aerial attacks.
Attack Patterns Martial Pacifist 9000 Fought using mostly non-attack moves and projectiles
Attack Patterns True Pacifist 30000 Never attacked anyone.
Attack Patterns Procrastinator 4000 Do not attack, be attacked, or move around for 20 seconds while an opponent is at 200% or higher.
Attack Patterns Turtle 300 Fought using nigh-exclusively items, projectiles, throws and smashes (80% of total attacks).
Beginning First Attack 500 Be the first to land a blow in a match.
Beginning Attacked First -100 Be the first to get hit by a blow.
Beginning Dead Quick -2000 KOed 20 seconds or less into the match.
Beginning Fast Feather -2000 Be the first to be KOed. At 50% or less, at that.
Clash Attack Meter Clash Defense 4000 Only used Clash Attack Meter for Clash Bursts and Clash Counters.
Clash Attack Meter Clash Offense 4000 Only used Clash Attack Meter for Clash Attacks and Clash Cancels.
Clash Attack Meter Full Bar 8000 Obtain a full (5 meter) Clash Attack Meter.
Clash Attack Meter Zilch Bar 12000 Never used the Clash Attack Meter (not applicable if meter is turned off).
Combo Who Needs Strings? 6000 Only attacked with single attack strings / 1-hit combos. Cannot hit with multiple hit single attacks.
Combo Marvelous! 10000 All damage was dealt using combos.
Combo Supreme Target 1000 Performed 3 target / chain combos.
Combo Combo Novice 800 Perform a 3 hit combo.
Combo Combo Moderate 2000 Perform a 5 hit combo.
Combo Combo Professional 4500 Perform a 7 hit combo.
Combo Combo Expert 8000 Perform a 10 hit combo.
Combo Combo Master 25000 Perform a 15 hit combo.
Combo Combination Stylist 20000 Perform a combo that has at least 6 normal hits and finish it off with a Final Smash.
Damage 150% Damage 1000 Survive to 150% in a single stock.
Damage 200% Damage 3000 Survive to 200% in a single stock.
Damage 250% Damage 7000 Survived to 250% in a single stock.
Damage 300% Damage 10000 Survived to 300% in a single stock.
Damage To Massive Damage 50000 Survived to 999% in a single stock.
Damage For Massive Damage 10000 Deal 35% or more with a single attack (does not include Final Smashes or Clash Attacks).
Detection Non-Accurate -500 Miss with 80% of attacks out of at least 20 blows.
Detection Good Detection 2000 Connect with 60% of attacks out of at least 25 blows.
Detection Extreme Accuracy 6000 Connect with 100% of attacks out of at least 30 blows.
Detection Stealth Man 3000 Hit by 50% or less of attacks from opponents.
Detection Walking Shadow 10000 Hit by 20% or less of attacks from opponents
Detection Perfect Frame 10000 All attacks hit on the first possible active frame.
Final Smash Frequent Finale 3000 Used more than two Final Smashes
Final Smash Final Finish 8000 Ended match with a Final Smash.
Items Farming Blue Shells! 10000 Had a 100%+ lead but lost match due to Spiny Shell connection.
Knockouts Falls -500x Times you were KO'd (multiplayer modes only.)
Knockouts Fourth Walled -500x Hit the screen when KO'd.
Knockouts KO 64 640x KO'd someone at 64%.
Knockouts KOs 500x KOs you were responsible for (multiplayer modes only).
Knockouts Self-Destructs -1000x Times you were KO'd by yourself (multiplayer modes only)
Mobility Glued Feet 2000 Never jumped or otherwise get into the sky manually.
Mobility Acrobat 3000 Double jumped every time you went to the sky.
Mode Clear All-Star Clear 200000 Cleared All-Star Colosseum Mode.
Mode Clear Boss Rush Clear 500000 Cleared Boss Rush Colosseum Mode.
Mode Clear Classic Clear 50000 Cleared Classic Mode
Mode Clear Grand Finale Clear 1000000 Cleared Grand Finale Colosseum
Mode Clear Unfair Clear 100000 Cleared Unfair mode.
Special Opponents Crazy Hand KO 80000 Encounter and defeat Crazy Hand in Classic Mode.
Special Opponents Metal Sonic KO 19930 Encounter and defeat Metal Sonic in Classic Mode in 01:09.75 or less.
Special Opponents Specific Beatdown 25000 Defeated each Mirror Soldier in order of appearance.
Special Opponents Strong KO 250000 Encounter and defeat Secret A in Classic Mode.
Speed Quick Shots 6000 80% of attacks used were really fast attacks. (frame 10 start-up or faster)
Speed Last Second 5000 Cleared a stage with 00:01 left on the clock.
Speed Lightning Mind 25000 Win match without letting your opponent make a single strike.
Taunts Fighter Stance 500 Ended the match while taunting.
Throws Sky Grappler 1000 Land an air throw.
Throws Inescapable 7000 Tried to grab at least 5 times, all successful.
Throws Really Technical Man 3500 Teched all throws (at least 3)
Throws Technical Smasher Guy 1000 Teched a throw
Throws Throwing is Cheap 5000 Throw opponents 10 times.
Throws Universal Throw 3000 Use all four directional throws and air throw in match.