Buried is a special state in Super Smash Bros. that leaves an opponent... well, buried into the ground. It does return in Super Smash Bros. Clash acting similarly to how it did previously with more characters being capable of it than before. Ironic considering the one character who was capable of burying in the old games no longer has the ability.

Buried state leaves an opponent in the ground where they cannot perform any actions, although button mashing can help to reduce the amount of time the state lasts for. Note that, for obvious reasons, only ground opponents can be put into this state. At high percents this state last longer and it is easier to use an attack with enough force to automatically break someone out of it.

As you can tell, this is a very useful effect to rack up damage or do a big finisher.

Attacks that buryEdit

  • Ganondorf's Beast Blow Final Smash puts opponents in this state on the first.
  • Pico's B Assist attack is a grab that puts an opponent in this state, although landing it is easier said than done. Still useful though.
  • The Pitfall item has returned and still does this to grounded opponents.
  • Metagross is still capable of this with it's Meteor Mash attack.