Chaos zero

Artwork of Chaos' base form from Sonic Channel.

Chaos is a character from the Sonic series who makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Clash as two trophies and a sticker.

As a TrophyEdit

Chaos has two trophies. His base form trophy is obtained randomly, though.

One of the most dangerous beings in Sonic's world, it started out as a Chaos mutated into a humanoid being appearing to be made out of liquid. Initially, Chaos served from there on out as the guardian of the Master Emerald and his fellow Chao. Soon, however, an echidna clan attacked him and eventually turned him into a monster. He had been sealed away since until Dr. Eggman eventually released it after shattering the Master Emerald. Chaos used Dr. Eggman in order to obtain the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and eventually his monstrous form rampaged across the world. Luckily, Sonic managed to stop him. He's a major far cry from other characters in his series and has made a few appearances over the years even after his second disappearance.

  • Sega Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure (system not credited)
  • Sega Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure 2 (system not credited)
  • Game Boy Advance - Sonic Battle

Perfect Chaos, the monster mentioned above, also has his own trophy that is obtained by playing as Sonic for an hour.

The result of Chaos absorbing the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds is a massive, reptilian liquid monster. Prior to Dr. Eggman's toying around with Chaos, the creature had used this form to destroy a tribe of echidnas who had attacked him and his Chao friends. After Eggman's revival of the creature, he slowly found the Chaos Emeralds for Chaos and fed them to him, eventually giving birth to Perfect Chaos yet again. As expected, Station Square wasn't in a very good state after this. Luckily, Sonic and his friends popped up in time with the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds assumedly shutting Perfect Chaos down for good. Unlike his regular form, he's rarely been seen since his initial appearance.

  • Sega Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure (system not credited)
  • Wii - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

As a StickerEdit

Chaos also appears as a randomly obtainable sticker. The sticker uses artwork of his base form from Sonic Adventure, which offers a [Water] Attack +8 bonus. Everyone can use this sticker; useful since Sonic and Knuckles do not have any water attacks.


Chaos' battle theme from when he is fought in the story mode from Sonic Battle appears as a rearranged music track for the Death Egg.


  • Sonic's 10th standard color scheme is meant to resemble Chaos.
  • Perfect Chaos was considered for a The Dark Tournament boss.