The Coin Launcher is a minigame that returns from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, this time around it has been modified significantly.

The Coin Launcher now plays like a horizontial shoot 'em up in the vain of games such as Gradius and Zero Wing.

The option is located in the Vault under Trophies and Stickers. You can also play it in Stage 12 of Classic Mode for a minute.


When you boot this mode, you'll be in a ship, obviously. Controls on a Gamecube controller are as follows:

  • Control Stick - Move ship.
  • A - Primary Weapon (Basic Coins)
  • A (hold) Charge Primary Weapon (Power Coins)
  • B - Secondary Weapon (Various)
  • Start / Pause - Pause game. You may view the stickers and trophies collected in the current session.

As you travel across the battlefield, various ships will be attacking you. Here are some of the types:

  • Basic Ship: Looks like an Arwing. Their missiles are slow and take off 1 coin. Require 1 standard shot to take out,
  • Battle Ship: A ship with spikes on it's wings. Their missiles are faster and take off 3 coins. Require 3 standard shots to take out.
  • Trick Ship: A smaller ship. They set off bombs with a large blast radius that take off 10 coins. Require 4 standard shots to take out.
  • Power Missiles: Occassionally these appear, and are just as annoying as they are in Brawl. They take off 60 coins and
  • Stone Marble: Massive grey marbles with a ton of durability. They don't attack, but if you make contact with one you lose 25 coins. They cannot be destroyed so don't shoot them.

More ship types will be added over time. Every so often a ship will drop a sticker, so be aware of that. For every 5 trophies obtained, you'll fight a boss ship. I'll go into more detail about this later.

As for the course, walls and forts will sometimes appear across the course so use them to your advantage.

Trophies will pop up on occasions and take about 10 shots to obtain. However, they will disappear if you don't obtain them quickly enough and/or an enemy ship snags it first. If an enemy ship snags a trophy, you can get it back, however.

The coin cap is now 999,999, meaning you have A LOT of ammo to use here. This is mainly due to the fact there is now a Store, though.

Ship ColorsEdit

Each character has their own ship design, with 3 key colors: One for the cockpit, one for the wings, and one for the body. This will be coming soon.