Event 6: Mirror Match is an Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Clash.

  • Basic Info:
    • Information: "Rivals have arrived from the Mirror World. It's up to two spherical heroes to fight them off..."
    • Match Type: Stock
    • Stage: Candy Constellation (first part), Final Destination (second part)
    • You: Kirby for one stock, Meta Knight for the second
    • Your Stocks: 1 Kirby, then 1 Meta Knight
    • Opponents: Improved Kirby in outfit #7 (first part) (2/3/4/5/6/7), improved Meta Knight in outfit #7 (second part) (5/6/7/8/10/11)
    • Opponent Stocks: 1 each
    • Clear Condition: Defeat Kirby and Meta Knight. Kirby can not die against Shadow Kirby.
    • Items?: Kirby series items and Beam Sword only
    • Rewards: Any difficulty clear: King Golem (trophy), Clear with Perfect (Normal or higher): Cell Phone (Kirby & the Amazing Mirror) (Sticker, [Slash] Attack + 16, only usable by Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede), Clear on Hard or higher: Dark Meta Knight (Music, remixed) (Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, plays on Candy Constellation)

This is an interesting one. You don't have to do much to get everything, though, which is a relief. A rare event with three awards which is nice.

You automatically fail this if you lose against Shadow Kirby with Kirby in the first part of the match or lose against Dark Meta Knight with Meta Knight in the second part of the match. The latter doesn't matter since you'd be out of lives anyway though.

Shadow Kirby is usually very easy. Dark Meta Knight is a fair bit harder, though. At least you get a normal stage to fight him on.