Heavy Lobster kss

Artwork of Heavy Lobster from Kirby Super star.

Heavy Lobster is a character from the Kirby series who makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Clash. It appears as a generic enemy in the Adventure Mode and as a trophy.

As a trophyEdit

You can obtain the Heavy Lobster as a random trophy. It's pose is similar to the artwork above.

The Heavy Lobster is a massive, mechanical... lobster created by the Meta-Knights. It's initial use was to provide a distraction for Kirby while Meta Knight would get him away from his ship. Another model of the robot was used to defeat Kirby once he found himself back inside the Halberd, but it ultimately was defeated. Recently, a soldier of Master Hand's has found the original blueprints and the Subspace Army has created a new supply of machines. All versions of the robot generally attack with fire, sudden movements and massive jumping attacks.

  • SNES - Kirby Super Star
  • Nintendo DS - Kirby Super Star Ultra

In The Dark Tournament: Adventure ModeEdit

Heavy Lobsters are some of the mooks you fight in the Kirby-themed platforming levels of the mode; mostly late in Kirby and Meta Knight's stories. They have pretty high HP and cannot be stunned by normal attacks, although super moves get the job done. It has a few of it's attack from Kirby game appearances, such as multi-hit fire attack that can hit for up to 30%, left and right rushes that deal 12%, and a massive stomp that deals 18% with some stars created nearby that do 5% each. Be aware that if you defeat a Heavy Lobster, it explodes with similar impact to a Bob-omb, so try finishing it with a ranged attack.

The Heavy Lobsters in Clash are constructed by the Subspace Army after Meta Knight's model of the creature had failed to stop Kirby during the events of Kirby Super Star. Master Hand, sometime after the events, sent a mirror copy of Meta Knight to head back to the abandoned (at the time, anyway) Halberd and mass produce an improved model.


Heavy Lobster's battle music from Kirby Super Star can be unlocked after fighting three Heavy Lobsters in The Dark Tournament. It's been re-arranged and plays on Candy Constellation.


  • When Meta Knight encounters a Heavy Lobster during the initial stage of his story mode, he'll say "Kirby had no problems dealing with you. Nor will I, backstabbing garbage".