King Dedede
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Universe Kirby
Appears in Brawl, Clash
Debut Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Availability Starter
Tier Unknown

King Dedede is a starting playable character in Super Smash Bros. Clash. He's Dream Land's "King". His actions aren't exactly very good of a ruler, but he's a good guy at heart and has a deep respect for his rival, Kirby, even though they're "conflicts" cause more harm than good for Dream Land. King Dedede spent most of the time inbetween the events of the Subspace Emissary and the Dark Tournament atoning for himself after he realized good really does feel good. He wanted to prove to his kingdom he really is capable of running it (... if Kirby doesn't unleash the cosmic horror of the week.) successfully, although Meta Knight is having problems being convinced and is trying to steal the throne from him. Then Dedede finds out of the Tournament, and that Tabuu's previous right hand man would be the ringmaster behind it...

Changes from Brawl to ClashEdit

While normally King Dedede, considering the force he was in Brawl, would receive a huge list of nerfs the development crew thought he would most likely fair extremely badly in this engine, so his primary changes where to what was undeniably his biggest game changer in Brawl: The chain throw.

He otherwise keeps most of the pokes he had in Brawl as well as good aerial game, some damage buffs and his new armored moves work alright to bypass through the sheer speed of some characters. This character is still going to have trouble in this engine, but not quite as much.


  • Up Smash damage buffed: 18%-26% depending on charge; up from 14-19%.
  • Down Smash damage buffed: 20-28% depending on charge, up from 15-21%.
  • Down Throw damage buffed: 10%; up from 8%.
  • Jab starts two frames faster (now on frame 10) and has a different final hit.
  • Side Smash can now take two hits (yes, TWO) of super armor starting on frame 17 and ending on frame 50 as long as they total up to a 0.350 or lower hitstun rating, the move comes out 1 frame faster (on frame 42).
  • Dash Attack can take one hit of super armor that has 0.225 or less of hitstun rating from frames 19-31.
  • Up Throw received a damage buff to 11%.
  • Huge list of changes made to Jet Hammer.
  • King Dedede has received a new Down Aerial.
  • Four way air dash added in for some mobility.


  • Back Throw does 15%; down from 16%.
  • Much shorter range on his pivot grab
  • Grab range decreased to 5.75.
  • Down Throw now knocks down every character. This means you can tech chase everyone with it, go for mix-ups or try to land an OTG-capable attack but you can never chain grab with it.
  • Waddle Dee Toss throws projectiles out 4 frames later (on frame 22) and the chances of throwing out Waddle Doos / Gordos decreased to 18% and 5% respectively and it takes Dedede a couple more frames to recover.


King Dedede on paper doesn't really look like he's been changed a lot, but when it comes down to it time is going to be needed for a Brawl Dedede player to convert to Clash's version of the Dreamland King. King Dedede's massive game breaker of a chain grab is gone but he's received some things that give him an even more specialized game in all areas. He's sort of an offensive/defensive all-arounder who can switch between them on a moment's whim and isn't the hardest character to be good with. Being a master with him is another story, though.

King Dedede, first of all, lives forever. He's the fourth heaviest character, is one of the most difficult characters in the game to kill vertically, and has excellent recovery with his Super Dedede Jump and air dash. King Dedede's air dash also helps to give his offense on-stage a lot of value: It allows Dedede to string aerials together for obscene damage, helps him move around, can make attacks safe and does all sorts of things. His air dash, when combined with great overall air game and huge range grab, make him a difficult character to turtle up against. On the defensive side of things his Waddle Dee are really annoying for some characters, he's got a great set of pokes and has a good disjointed hitbox on many attacks with his hammer. King Dedede also has a couple armored attacks, some insanely powerful moves, and an unreal edgeguarding game.

A big problem of King Dedede's is that he isn't as easy to kill with as you would think, as many of his absurdly powerful attacks are hard to land without proper set-ups. He also has some problems overcoming projectiles from a very long range. Many of Dedede's pokes attacks require hitting a shield at maximum range in order to prevent a punish since a lot of his moves have long recovery and his anti-airs aren't good; this gives him problems against grapplers or other characters who like to be in his face. King Dedede also doesn't have any particularly fast attacks that work well as punishes outside super close range especially considering his ground dash is terrible. King Dedede in general has a difficult time dealing with offensive pressure, falls really fast and has the slowest air speed in the game.

This is still a guy all players need to watch out for. Save for a couple really high priority, defensive characters or extreme offense there aren't really a lot of matches Dedede does particularly bad in. He's an excellent character at delivering offensive pressure and once he does get you off stage you're done for, but it's not like isn't true in reverse or anything. His overall gameplan is fairly straightforward depending on the match-up and he isn't a particularly difficult character to use at mid-level. If you like a balanced, long living character who has tools for all kinds of matches, give Dedede a try.

... although, if you happen to be Dark Matter, it isn't like you already did that, except in that way... or Yin Yarn.


  • His air dash and great set of aerials lets him apply a ton of pressure from the air.
  • Takes an extremely long time to KO thanks to his recovery and weight.
  • Great throws with a huge amount of range on his grab, plus he has a (slow, unless you use the Smash Special version) command throw.
  • Many of his normal attacks have a huge amount of range.
  • Waddle Dees work well defensively.
  • An incredibly hard character to recover against.


  • It can be hard for Dedede to quickly land knockouts due to how easy it is for some of his kill moves to see coming.
  • Huge problems dealing with extreme offensive pressure from the likes of Bowser or Fox.
  • A lot of his attacks aren't safe if the opponent is in super-close range.
  • Doesn't have a good long range punish game.
  • King Dedede isn't the best character at dealing with dominant, smart projectile utilization.
  • A heavy, fast falling character that's ridiculously easy to juggle.


Ground MovesEdit


  • Neutral Attack: King Dedede does a horizontal swipe with his hammer, then another one followed by a gut blow with his hammer that looks a bit like a stronger, less ranged Side Strong. This is a bit faster now, plus it has a little more range to it than most jabs and the total damage is really nice (17% is huge for a jab). Dedede has faster attacks than this move though; by jab standards the range is terrible and Dedede has better pokes with better speed and range. You may find some use for it in a couple combos. Not a completely worthless move, but it's outclassed.
    • Damage: 6% first hit, 5% second hit, 6% final hit, 17% total
  • Side Strong Attack: King Dedede picks his hammer up with one hand and pokes forward with it while drilling a bit. For a Dedede attack, and really be any characters' standards, the damage and knockback are absolutely terrible plus it's not safe if the opponent shields it right next to Dedede. What it excels at being is a poke; the hitbox is massive, over two character lengths away from Dedede. That's insane. It's also fast and pretty hard to punish from the maximum range. If you know your spacing with this attack, this is definitely going to be one of your most important Dedede tools in match-ups like Bowser, Black Shadow and such.
    • Damage: 6%
  • Up Strong Attack: King Dedede lays his hammer on the ground, stands on it, and attacks with a jumping headbutt. The start-up on this is pretty good as is the recovery and amount of time it lasts. The vertical hitbox when combined with the good frame data makes it a good-but-not-great anti-air attack and good attack to use against players who overuse dodging techniques. The power on this move is insane; it's one of the fastest scaling, most powerful and highly-damaging Up Strongs in this game which makes it good as a finisher. A pretty versatile attack for the Dreamland King in a lot of matches.
    • Damage: 12%
  • Down Strong Attack: King Dedede extends one of his feet and does a sweep. One of Dedede's fastest (only 7 start-up frames!) attacks plus the hitbox has a decent amount of active frames and a long length. The recovery time is alright; not fantastic and a couple characters can punish it after shielding it on reaction right up close. The range and start-up make this another great poke; it's not as long ranged, long lasting, or has that oh-so-sweet disjoined hitbox as the Side Strong but the trade in power and start-up may make it worth it. Some characters also have problems dealing with this move when used as an edgeguarding attack due to properties listed above. Overall, yet another fantastic attack of the Dreamland King and one of his most important.
    • Damage: 10%
  • Dash Attack: King Dedede slips and falls on his face. He always used this on Kirby in his game series of origin as a good surprise attack... now, here it's not quite as much of a surprise due to that ridiculously long start-up time and extremely high recovery. This is basically King Dedede's slow-but-strong style summarized as a dash attack, because what it lacks in speed, it makes up for with an excellent hitbox (covers Dedede's entire body, plus it moves him a fair bit of distance forward), is EXTREMELY powerful (by far the strongest Dash Attack in the game as of yet; huge damage and knockback) and even has super armor that kicks in right before active frames to make connecting with it a lot easier against players who just mindlessly barrage the King. This obviously is very difficult, if not impossible, to combo into but the hitbox makes this great as a surprise attack or as a huge dodge punish. Obviously insanely unsafe. Overall, you may not find yourself using this a lot, but it definitely has uses.
    • Damage: 16%

Smash AttacksEdit

  • Side Smash Attack: King Dedede lifts his hammer up behind him, then does a very fast and powerful overhead slam with his hammer. While the actual hitbox travels quickly as mentioned above, Dedede takes almost 3/4 of a second to wind the hammer up to get to a hittable state. Plus if this thing is perfect shielded (the high shieldstun makes it surprisingly hard to counter by blocking it normally) or worse whiffed you're obviously capable of eating just about anything. you're obviously open to whatever the opponent pleases. While it is generally a lot harder to break if you try to hit Dedede out of it right before the attack now that armor's a property (some are capable of breaking it easily though; namely Ganondorf), there is still a decent amount of frames before the armor kicks in for someone to try and hit you out of it completely. The move has a sweetspot at the center of Dedede's hammer; it's active during all the animation frames for Dedede actually swinging the hammer and as you could expect from how long it takes to start, the power is mind blowing. Many characters are KOed below 50% with this uncharged and below 25% charged; as an edgeguard you may be able to KO extremely light characters with it in single-digit percents. The area around Dedede's hammer is much weaker, but it is a fair bit smaller than the main part of the attack. A third hitbox is made when the hammer hits the ground and is extremely weak; it also doesn't produce enough shieldstun to make the move safe so if it does get shielded pray to the Smash Lords the opponent shields the main one. This move is extremely difficult to combo into for very obvious reasons, but if you do get the opportunity for an edgeguard or a punish this is an option you'll keep inmind. Quite simply, the strongest Side Smash in the game at this point is just not something you can ignore. A really, really mixed bag of a move that you need to learn how to use properly or you're going to be killed fast with Dedede.
    • Damage Main Hitbox: 25% uncharged, 35% charged
    • Damage Secondary Hitbox: 12% uncharged, 16% charged
    • Damage Quake Hitbox: 6% uncharged, 8% charged
  • Up Smash Attack: King Dedede swings his hammer in a rainbow arc above him. The move's start-up isn't the best plus the ending lag on it is enormous. It has received a damage boost which gives the move a fair bit of extra power, although the knockback isn't changed from Brawl. That's bad, since the Up Strong kills around or at similar percents to this if you don't charge it. The much higher damage and disjointed hitbox are probably the only things that make you want to use it as anti-air over Up Strong. Not a move you should completely forget about, but it just doesn't have many uses.
    • Damage: 18% uncharged, 26% charged
  • Down Strong Attack: King Dedede spins in a full circle with his hammer at ground height. Another high ending lag Smash Attack, but it is fast enough to combo from the first hit of a Neutral Attack against every character. Not like that's particularly fast, but it's a good amount of speed compare to the other two smashes of Dedede's. The hitbox stays out for a good bit of time plus it's all around Dedede though; makes another good punish on heavy defense. Damage is great and the knockback is good but you have stronger attacks. If you have to use a Smash Attack with Dedede, this is definitely the one you're going to find the most useful.
    • Damage: 20% uncharged, 28% charged

Aerial MovesEdit

  • Note: With the exception of his Back Aerial, all of King Dedede's aerial attacks can be canceled into an air dash in any direction anytime during the attack, be it in start-up, during active frames and while recovering and also regardless of whether the attacks hit or not.
  • Neutral Aerial: King Dedede does a body splash attack. Starts up incredibly quickly and stays out a good deal of time, although it does get stale a bit into active frames. The hitbox covers Dedede's entire body. Early versions make this good to start Dedede's powerful air dash combos at low percents; late versions to perform ones at higher percents.
    • Damage: 12% initial, 7% late
  • Forward Aerial: King Dedede swings his arm in a long arc in front of him. The start-up isn't the fastest, plus the hitbox and high landing lag makes it harder and less safe to connect with against grounded opponents. When fighting an air happy opponent this is a move you will want to meet them in the air with; canceling this into an air dash and then another Fair is a very easy, very damaging combo and against heavier characters can lead into TWO of these or possibly even three or four. Plus if you fight someone who isn't small enough to easily dodge it completely on the ground, if it's blocked you can air dash backwards to avoid a quick counter. Being by far Dedede's most beneficial aerial from his new air dash cancels combined with good bottom-to-top hitbox make this an effective wall of pain and edgeguarding attack.
    • Damage: 15%
  • Back Aerial: King Dedede sticks one of his feet behind him. The only ground attack Dedede has that can't be air dash canceled, but even with that it's still one of Dedede's most solid aerials. The start-up is the fastest of Dedede's aerial arsenal, the air ending lag makes it easy to chain off of regardless and it has a great horizontal hitbox that stays out for a good while. Knockback is also very high and it makes for another excellent edgeguard option of the King's. Like the neutral aerial it has sex kick properties; near the end of active frames it's week. Overall a very useful attack for King Dedede.
    • Damage: 13% initial, 10% late
  • Up Aerial: King Dedede points his upward at the sky and drills with it. Hits several times for good damage, final hit having good knockback. The start-up isn't terrible, there's a good amount of vertical range on it but the horizontal isn't much. Probably your best use for it is off a successful Up Throw connection; air dash cancel it to go into shenanigans. Decent attack.
    • Damage: About 19-20% if all the hits land; each hit does 2%
  • Down Aerial: King Dedede looks down and swings his hammer down from right to left; a bit similar to his Forward Aerial. This gives King Dedede yet another cool edgeguarding option; it's a fast (frame 11) Meteor Smash that has a large horizontal hitbox and hits a bit farther down vertically than you'd think. Has high recovery lag in the air but it has short landing lag on the ground making it a decent attack to jump in the opponent's range with. Like many Meteor Smashes, it sends an opponent up straight vertically if it hits a grounded opponent which leaves them open to several juggles be it from air dash cancels or otherwise. A great attack.
    • Damage: 14%

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

  • Grab: His standing grab is fairly fast, has massive (if nerfed a bit) range and is overall a great move for Dedede to use. Dedede's dash grab isn't the best in the range department plus it's no longer useful for chain grabs and has long recovery making it's use questionable. His pivot has nowhere near the insane range it used to have; now just slightly longer than his dash grab. It recovers faster than his dash grab though.
  • Pummel: Inflates his head a bit and head butts. Not particularly fast but good damage.
    • Damage: 3%
  • Forward Throw: King Dedede swings the foe away with his hammer like a golf club. Animation on this is crazy fast and the knockback is good. It's great to get the foe off stage to set-up Dedede's good edgeguarding game.
    • Damage: 12%
  • Back Throw: King Dedede pulls the foe behind him and hits them with his hammer. Good knockback and great damage by throw standards; slightly higher in both departments than the above.
    • Damage: 15%
  • Up Throw: King Dedede pushes the foe into the air with both of his hands. Useful to set-up some juggles into Super Dedede Jump (not at low percents safe, but it's good damage) or an Up Aerial -> Up Air Dash and then shenanigans. Not as worthless as it was in Brawl, really.
    • Damage: 11%
  • Down Throw: King Dedede sits on the opponent to launch them forward a bit for very weak, set knockback. You can't chain grab with it anymore but if you can't think of something else to do while you grab someone you may as well use this to set-up more attacks against the knocked down opponent. Decent throw.
    • Damage: 10%
  • Air Throw: King Dedede throws the foe into the air a bit and hits them with his hammer as if he was playing baseball. Highest knockback of Dedede's throws, good range, good damage; solid defense against air dodge happy opponents.
    • Damage: 14%

Special and Super MovesEdit

Standard Special Move: InhaleEdit

King Dedede opens his mouth to extreme proportions and creates a vortex of air that pulls anyone near by into his mouth. Anyone who does get caught in his mouth ends up trapped inside of Dedede's stomach. Pressing Special again (or releasing it if you held the button instead) causes Dedede to halt, and if you do swallow someone pressing special after that makes Dedede spit the out.

Dedede can still move around and even perform a single jump while having a target trapped, but he moves extremely slowly. This property does offer it some suicidal use to kill you and your opponent at once. You can also fire the swallowed player as a 'projectile' to hit other characters or King Dedede's minions with; a heavier opponent deals more damage and knockback.

Inhale counts as a throw, so if the opponent tries to shield it in the range for it they are obviously not going to get anywhere. It also counts as an air throw when done in the air meaning you can't air dodge it: Yet another great edgeguarding option for Dedede since Dedede's recovery is usually good enough to recover easily once he spits the foe out near the bottom of a stage's blast line. It also has super armor on start-up to make it a tad easier to land.

The start-up is really slow though and so's the recovery, so if the other fighter sees it coming you're going to be in deep.

Not the most useful move in Dedede's arsenal, but there are spots where using this is beneficial.

King Dedede spitting people out does 10%. The human projectile does 9-18% depending on who it is.

Smash Special Version: This comes out much faster (3 frame start-up!) and keeps the armor and long recovery of the normal version. The air version leaves Dedede floating in the air for a small bit. If you do grab someone with it, it functions a bit differently. Dedede will spit the foe out right next to him and then smash them hammer attack for good damage and knockback. A useful mix-up attack, although it's a little difficult to set it up for a quick tick throw. Toss it out occasionally against overly defensive opponents who wait a lot for you to make a move; it'll grab them for a fair bit of power. Does 17%.

Side Special Move: Waddle Dee TossEdit

King Dedede takes out a minion from... somewhere, and tosses it out onto the field of battle. King Dedede can pull one of three different minions out: A Waddle Dee, a Waddle Doo, or a Gordo. Waddle Dees have a 77% chance of being picked, Waddle Doos an 18% one and Gordos only 5%. King Dedede throws them all out with the same start-up and recovery and there is no set pattern to what is thrown, and only two characters summoned by the same King Dedede player can be on screen at once; multiple Dededes in a match can have up to 4/6/8 depending on the player count.

You can also have a slight impact on the throw by smashing on the control stick or steering it in a certain direction. Smashing makes you throw it farther, tapping in a direction makes you throw the minion in a curve for that direction.

There is a slight chance (about 4%; slightly less than a Gordo popping up) that this move can pull out items if you have any switches for items on; even if item frequency is set to 'none'. You have to make sure every specific item switch is turned off in order for King Dedede to never summon any items with this attack.

Each of the minions Dedede throws have different functions. Waddle Dees are by a landslide the most common creature Dedede is capable of tossing out. This, naturally, means they are also the least durable and overall weakest of the three. Occasionally they'll jump or just move around the field. Waddle Dees are useful to give King Dedede something safe to attack behind for when he wants to rush in with air dashes and the like, as well as block attacks the King doesn't have excellent counters to like a very high priority projectile that only hits once. They also work well to really screw with the properties of moves like Quick Draw and Shadow Claw which automatically stop traveling once they hit something, giving the king plenty of time for a good punish option.

Waddle Doos are much less common, but you'll probably see a few of these in every match with King Dedede in it. When thrown, they deal a tad bit more damage and knockback than a Waddle Dee and for some reason have a slashing effect. They will jump and walk around the stage like a Dee, but they also occasionally fire electricity at characters that hits multiple times for low knockback, extremely high damage, and keeps the opponent in place for a long time. Many of the defensive applications for a Waddle Dee can also be applied to a Waddle Doo.

Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos share a few properties. Namely, both of them can be thrown again by having Dedede walk up to one and inputting the side direction + Special motion for this move even if a different King Dedede threw the minion in question. They also cannot be properly reflected by moves such as any of the Star Fox characters' Reflectors due to how their motion works; another useful property. Both of them have a hidden damage meter and have weight and armor like playable characters; they have 0.001 armor, the same as Game & Watch meaning some attacks do not make them flinch (Fox's Blasters are an example) but almost everything else causes more stun than usual. They can also be eaten with Inhale, although I'm not sure why you would want to do this in a real match.

Neither Waddle Dees nor Waddles Doos have projectile priority but they do have high regular priority. Each hit of the Waddle Doos' electric beams has 0 (base) priority points.

Gordos only have a 1/20 chance of appearing, but when they do appear, they can definitely change the tide of battle. They are not characters like the other two minions, have 1 projectile priority, and unlike the other two can be reflected properly so be prepared to act fast if you throw a Gordo out against a character with a reflector just waiting for an action. They travel across the screen fairly quickly and will even bounce along it and when they hit deliver insane knockback and great damage.

All minions eventually disappear from the field; Gordos much faster than the Waddlers. Overall you're definitely going to find this useful in almost every match-up; it's a really great move to help Dedede get inside and if you're lucky can reap big rewards.

Waddle Dees deal 5%. Waddle Doos deal 7% and their electricity does 27% if every hit of it connects. Gordos deal 23%.

Smash Special Version: This version has the Brawl start-up and half the recovery of the primary version. This version also presents a higher chance of obtaining a better minion: Waddle Dees now only pop up 54.5% of the time, but Waddle Dees pop up at 33% Gordos pop up at 12.5% which is a fair bit of added likeliness. Waddle Dees and Waddles Doos now have 1 projectile priority when thrown plus they hit with a little more force but the same damage as when they are thrown with the normal version. Gordos have 2 projectile priority; enough to clash with many of the highest priority, no-meter-to-use projectiles but are unchanged otherwise. All three minions are thrown with a little more force. Definitely a good use of meter against players who throw out a lot of projectiles.

Up Special Move: Super Dedede JumpEdit

King Dedede crouches, then jumps to an incredible height and lands with extreme force. You can tap down on the control stick for Dedede to cancel this into a helpless animation that can grab ledges; the regular attack cannot grab them throughout any part of it's animation. He automatically goes into helpless if he hits a physical ceiling though. You can tilt the control stick in a direction a bit to have Dedede's mega jump lean towards a certain direction and travel farther horizontally during the crouching animation.

Throughout the entire rise of Dedede, there's super armor which makes this a really difficult recovery move to just smack Dedede out of. On the way down, it's an extremely high priority Meteor Smash which makes vertical edgeguarding an obvious "good luck with that" maneuver. Anyone who is hit by Dedede's fall while on the ground is sent at flying vertically, plus the smash creates a couple of stars which can make this attack a little safer (... not by much though) much like Yoshi's Yoshi Bomb. Opposing King Dededes and Kirby can even swallow these stars to use as a projectile now, just like in the Kirby games.

This is a great recovery move. You've got armor, huge vertical recovery and potentially large horizontal distance covered with this move. Dedede is very vulnerable by landing with the attack in regular jump mode or by falling into the ground in a helpless state, but the opponent may be taking some risks to get that punish in.

Aside from a couple cases where you can combo into it for good (but not always safe) damage, there isn't going to be a lot of use for this offensively since Dedede now has a much effective Meteor Smash that doesn't get him killed in the process.

Dedede slamming into the ground does 12% and the stars do 3% or so.

Smash Special Version: This version cannot be angled or canceled like the normal version, plus it goes a little less vertical distance. However, it now has pure invincibility throughout the entire jump to the sky and super armor on the way down. It also rises and falls three times faster than the normal version and has increased knockback and damage. It makes a great surprise attack for people who don't know Dedede has something like it in his arsenal plus it's way easier to safely combo into. Does 17% although it's just as unsafe as the normal version.

Down Special Move: Jet HammerEdit

King Dedede turns his hammer behind him and charges it up. Holding onto the special button has King Dedede charge faster and releasing it has King Dedede unleash the hammer's strength in a huge swing that reveals the hammer's mechanical details.

A lot of people said this move had almost no use in Brawl outside of one incredibly difficult to perform glitch, and even that glitch didn't quite redeem it. This move is changed around quite a bit with Clash to provide with a few more reasonable uses.

When released at minimum charge, it has ok knockback and deals low damage. It also isn't very safe unless it hits at the absolute maximum range. It has good range and starts up quickly; it's Dedede's most reliable special cancel off a low-percent connection with a poke Side Strong or Down Strong.

The effects of other versions depend on how much it is charged. You get a modified version for about every 20 frames of charge.

Charging for about 20 frames gives the move a fair boost in knockback and damage, plus it's slightly safer and deals a high amount of hitstun. It's also a rare attack that keeps the target grounded completely unless it connected on an airborne opponent or they are at a high percent so it sends them off the stage. This makes it very easy to follow-up with at all kinds of percents; against characters with really low armor you can even combo into a minimum charge Side Smash if you're fast.

Charging for about 40 frames gives the move a big knockback and damage count, although it's unsafe as the minimum charge version: It delivers more shieldstun than the above version but has a ton of recovery. It only lifts the opponent slightly, although the recovery makes it very hard to combo from regardless.

Charging for about a full second gives the move incredible damage and great knockback and sends the foe flying at a 30 degree angle It has higher shieldstun and the same recovery as the above version so it isn't horribly unsafe. This is a version you're probably going to be more interested in landing as a finisher thanks to the enormous hitbox. Charges inbetween here and the final charge just deal more shieldstun, have a frame or two more of recovery for each version, and deal a bit more damage and knockback.

Charging for three full seconds makes it unblockable, has an absolutely massive hitbox, gains invincibility during active frames and one of the most powerful attacks in the game. With proper assists or Waddle Dee utilization, it's actually a bit easier to set up than you would think, but very difficult without those as your disposal. The ending lag is also incredibly bad at three full seconds giving the opponent a really, really huge amount of time to punish you.

Every version of this move is not safe on shield and even less so when dodged, so you're not going to want to just slam it out randomly and you may want to have some meter handy for a Clash Cancel. Each version has an impressive horizontal hitbox; King Dedede takes a bigger swing with each version. Each version also has progressively improved (but not by a lot) vertical hitboxes. You may be able to have them work alright as edgeguarding attacks, or if set up correctly, surprise attacks. All of them also leave you in helpless if done in the air.

I never said this move was good, just better. King Dedede has some decent uses for this attack, really.

Damage and knockback chart (latter assuming Mario, proper DI, and at center of Final Destination:

  • 0 frames: Does 10% and KOs around 180%; low base knockback, keeps opponent grounded
  • 20 frames: Does 13% and KOs around 145%; low base knockback, keeps opponent grounded (shortest recovery version)
  • 40 frames: Does 16% and KOs around 115%; moderate base knockback
  • 1 second: Does 19% and KOs around 100%, moderate knockback
  • 80 frames: Does 22% and KOs around 90%, moderate-high base knockback
  • 100 frames: Does 25% and KOs around 80%, moderate-high base knockback
  • 2 seconds: Does 28% and KOs around 65%, high base knockback
  • 140 frames: Does 31% and KOs around 45%; high base knockback
  • 160 frames: Does 35% and KOs around 35%; very high base knockback
  • Final: Does 40% and KOs around 20%; extremely high base knockback

Smash Special Version: This move is not chargeable, but it comes out the very moment after King Dedede swings his hammer behind and has a bit shorter recovery than all the other versions. It's also completely safe when shielded except at point-blank. It keeps the opponent on the ground and provides Dedede with a good amount of frame advantage although not as much as with the 20 frame charge. When it hits as a juggle / vs. airborne opponent, it sends them flying with higher damage and knockback than the SS version vs. ground. It's not a good idea to use it as an anti-air due to this property.

Really, this, the base charge, and the 20 frame charge are what you should be using. They're all ok as pokes and this and the 20 frame are good for combos. This version does 15% and KOs around 140%. Versus an airborne opponent it deals 20% and KOs around 95%.

Clash Attack: Waddle Dee RevengeEdit

  • Uses 2 levels of King Dedede's Clash Attack Meter.
  • Done with Down, Down Forward, Forward + Special + Attack, then control stick to angle.

King Dedede puts his hammer right next to him and reveals that it also has a missile launcher apparently. The hammer fires one at a high speed that can be angled using the Control Stick, although it will explode once it reaches Final Destination distance. Anyone who gets hit by it is sent flying into the sky while spinning. After that 9 of King Dedede's most loyal Waddle Dee soldiers go to attack the victims, the last one (wearing a bandanna!) also has a spear.

The start-up on this move isn't terrible (14 before flash, 2 afterwards, frames 1-6 are invincible) and the missile travels very quickly. It has 3 projectile priority, losing to Shinku Hadoken, Mario Finale and most other projectile Clash Attacks but beating just about every normal projectile. That invincibility can come in handy if the other fighter pulls out an attack with quick start-up and a low amount of active frames, as well.

The knockback and damage are both impressive on this so this is definitely an attack you will want to stuff inside of a combo or find a proper set-up for. When shielded it has an absolute ton of recovery though: From full Realgam Tower distance and this is dodged or shielded, really fast characters like Sonic and Meta Knight actually have enough time to dash in and punish you. It takes Dedede a couple seconds to recover after the missile explodes at it's full distance.

A decent use of meter for the Dreamland King.

This attack does 10 hits. The missile hit does 6%, the first eight Waddle Dees do 3% each, and the final one does 10% with it's spear. That makes for a total of 40%.

Final Smash 1: Waddle Dee ArmyEdit

  • Requires at least half his Super Smash Meter to be filled.
  • Done with Forward, Down, Down Forward + Special + Attack.

King Dedede whistles and summons a large collection of minions to fight with him. He orders them to attack the opponents, 1 by 1, with at least one minion covering behind and in front of Dedede. A bit similar to Dark World Military in this game, but it has some unique properties.

The appearance rate of minions is a bit more in favor or stronger occurrences than the normal Waddle Dee Toss but less than SS-WDT. Waddle Dees appear 60%, Waddle Doos 30%, and Gordos appear 10%. King Dedede is NOT invincible after the first 100 frames of the move, but if he does get hit the Final Smash doesn't end and he himself can move around freely. Plus enemies are still going to be appearing from both sides of Dedede which can make him difficult to combo during this time.

Depending on Super Smash Meter charge, your minions travel faster, are harder to dodge, and there is less breathing room inbetween enemy appearances. Appearance rate is also changed a bit more; at full SSM Waddle Dees appear 48.4% of the time, Waddle Doos appear 34% of the time and Gordos appear 17.6% of the time.

This, much like Dark World Military is extremely terrible if used at minimum charge but isn't too bad when at maximum. It's easier to dodge than that move, but the most powerful force here can pop up multiple times. The other minions can do some good damage since they can get to a point of appearing so fast they usually lead into guaranteed hits from other minions.

Unlike the other army Final Smash, this is the same regardless of how many enemies Dedede is fighting. 50 enemies always pop up; Super Smash Meter fill determines how fast those 50 enemies appear.

Not a bad move, but it's a bit luck based. Better in Free-For-All than a one-on-one competitive match.

Final Smash 2: Electric MalletEdit

  • Requires at least half his Super Smash Meter to be filled.
  • Done by performing a 360 degree motion (hitting 9 points on the control stick consecutively) and then pressing Special + Attack.

King Dedede reels his hammer back and begins to spin with it. This spinning eventually reaches absurd speed; speeds high enough to the point where it creates an electric whirlwind that brings Dedede into the sky.

This is a very rare Final Smash that has a vacuum effect, meaning if the opponent is a bit farther than you would need to connect with this they'll get pulled into range and be hit easily. This also starts up fairly quickly which makes avoiding it difficult to start with. It doesn't have any properties (such as invincibility) aside from the vacuum effect that make it particularly useful against fireballs, though.

The damage and knockback are both great and it deals a ton of shield damage if the opponent can't dash away from it; if a large character's shield has about 40% shield life in it left this'll do the breaking job. Start-up is fairly fast too and the vertical hitbox is outstanding.

If someone can find a way through Dedede's spinning thunder hammer and the resulting tornado and hit Dedede this automatically ends. This is best done using a Shoryuken-type attack or beam Final Smash.

Still, this isn't a very difficult attack to combo into and it's really going to add on a fair bit of power. This is probably the Final Smash of Dedede's players will find most useful.

This attack does 27 hits worth a total of 68-95%, depending on how much the Super Smash Meter was filled. The tornado the spin creates is worth about 65% of the total damage.


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  • 9 Waddle Dees also followed King Dedede around in the ending of Kirby Super Star Ultra's Revenge of the King game mode.

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