Magikarp is a Poké Ball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Clash. Magikarp also appears as a trophy and a sticker.

As a Poké Ball PokémonEdit

Magikarp does appear in Clash as an uncommon Poké Ball Pokémon. This is the first game where it serves as one.

When summoned, Magikarp just flops around and blabbers "Magi" and "Karp". After 6 seconds, though, you'll want to stop treating it as a joke.

Magikarp then takes 2 seconds to evolve into Gyarados. After doing that, it roars and touching Gyarados will have characters take 13% with high knockback. Right after roaring, the "Magikarp" uses Hydro Pump. This is going to create a massive spiral of water that hits several times for a potential total of 50% damage. Once it's done, Gyarados disappears.