Mastepieces are small demos of games that are available in the Vault. This feature becomes available once you clear Classic Mode on Normal or higher. This is a much-improved version of the mode in the last game.

There aren't any third party masterpiece titles, but they were considered at one point. Also, after finishing up the demo for a game, the game brings up a small menu which can take you to the Wii Shop Channel and purchase the title you played if it is available on the store. (everything except obviously Pokémon Red and Fire Emblem can be bought there)

The main change to this mode from Brawl is that the trials are much longer, letting you get a better feel of the game, and you can place save states on them that will only work if you manually exit the demo through the Super Smash Bros. Clash pause button (Z for Gamecube controllers, - on all others); pressing the start button / + button brings up that game's pause menu. Also, like in Brawl, the game skips the introduction, but Clash titles do go to the title screen.

For Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo 64 Masterpiece games, the control system is the same as in Virtual Console titles for those titles. Game Boy Advance titles can not be played with a Wiimote; for a Classic Controller or Gamecube Controller there's this:

  • Obviously, the Control Stick / Left Control Stick and the D-Pads are to move.
  • L is L, R is R, A is A and B is B obviously
  • X and Y are both select buttons

Game Boy titles, however, work fine with a Wiimote and use a similar control scheme to NES games across all the controllers.

Games ListEdit

Several games come back from Brawl, but several series which did not get games in this mode have them now. This is a tentative list. It is planned for the ten series introduced in the original title (except Mother / Earthbound for issues similar to it's Virtual Console release) alongside a couple other games.

Game Original Console Trial Time Limit How to Unlock Notes
Super Mario Bros. NES 3:00 Available from the start
Donkey Kong Country SNES 5:00 Available from the start
The Legend of Zelda NES 8:00 Available from the start
Super Metroid SNES 8:00 Unlocked automatically once Ridley is unlocked. Has a save file for second battle with Ridley
Pokémon Red Version Game Boy 10:00 Win 10 games with Pokémon Trainer. Game skips opening lecture and starts immediately in your room
F-Zero SNES 3:00 Available from the start
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (Fire Emblem in the US) Game Boy Advance 15:00 Unlocked automatically once Roy is unlocked.
Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 64 10:00 Automatically unlocked when all other Masterpieces are unlocked. Intro can be viewed unlike the other games


  • Earthbound was planned to be included, but was cut for issues similar to it's absence of the Virtual Console as mentioned above.