A nerf is a move or character that has been toned down from a previous installment. Character balancing is a major goal in Super Smash Bros. Clash development, so it is only logical a number of characters from Super Smash Bros. Brawl would recieve huge hamperings.

Examples of nerfed characters from Brawl to ClashEdit

  • King Dedede: Down Throw chaingrab is gone, although it is now an alright tech chase. All Strong Attacks have recieved negative modifications. Super Dedede Jump stops having super armor faster and cannot be canceled. Back Aerial lost a little bit of speed. Gordos are weaker and are even rarer. Overall nerfed offensive game.
  • Snake: Lost .020 in weight. Falls faster. Super armor on Cypher is gone. He can't use grenades or C4 after Cypher. Dash Attack doesn't travel as far. Lost his big, disjointed tilt hitboxes. Can't autocancel Nair or Dair. Up Smash starts a little slower. Strong Attacks and Neutral Attack dry faster. Overall dies much, MUCH faster, decreased priority and severely nerfed close-up overall.

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