Rivals are characters who have a direct storyline conflict or rivalry with another character. Rivals are mostly fought in The Dark Tournament: Adventure Mode, with each character having two rivals. Most characters fight both of their rivals at varying points in the story.

Before and after the battles, the characters' will have small chats. Some voice clips for actual attacks are changed during these battles.

After clearing The Dark Tournament: Adventure Mode with a character, you can fight your rivals in Classic Mode for your 7th and 13th fights. More details on this will arrive soon.

Rival ListEdit

Character Rival 1 Rival 2
Mario Wario Bowser
Luigi Mario Waluigi
Peach Zero Suit Samus Zelda / Sheik
Bowser King Dedede Mario
Bowser Jr. Bowser Peach
Fawful Mario Bowser
Donkey Kong Mario King K. Rool
Diddy Kong Funky Kong King K. Rool
King K. Rool Bowser Donkey Kong
Funky Kong Ryu Captain Falcon
Link Vaati Ganondorf
Zelda/Sheik Peach Ganondorf
Ganondorf Fawful Link
Toon Link Ganondorf Vaati
Vaati Ness Toon Link
Samus Dark Samus Ridley
Zero Suit Samus Snake Ridley
Ridley Yoshi Samus
Dark Samus Mewtwo Samus
Yoshi Snake Kamek
Kamek Mario Yoshi
Kirby Jigglypuff King Dedede
Meta Knight Ryu Kirby
King Dedede Ice Climbers Kirby
Fox Zoroark Wolf
Falco Wolf Fox
Wolf Lucario Fox
Pikachu Zero Suit Samus Jigglypuff
Pokémon Trainer Lucas Mewtwo
Mewtwo Roy Lucario
Lucario Meta Knight Zoroark
Zoroark Ganondorf Mewtwo
Jigglypuff Pokémon Trainer Pikachu
Captain Falcon Ganondorf Black Shadow
Black Shadow Knuckles Captain Falcon
Ness Toon Link Lucas
Lucas Kyle Hyde Ness
Marth Meta Knight Ike
Ike Meta Knight Roy
Roy Mewtwo Ike
Wario Mach Rider Mario
Waluigi Chibi-Robo Luigi
Olimar Falco Captain Falcon
Little Mac Ridley Knuckles
Chibi-Robo Mr. Game & Watch R.O.B.
Isaac Marth Alucard
Professor Layton Alucard Kyle Hyde
Kyle Hyde Wario Professor Layton
Ice Climbers King Dedede Pokémon Trainer
Pit Link Meta Knight
Mach Rider Captain Falcon Wario
Mr. Game & Watch R.O.B. Fawful
R.O.B. Ganondorf The Dog
The Dog Pikachu R.O.B.
Snake Captain Falcon Ocelot
Ocelot Falco Snake
Sonic Knuckles Mario
Knuckles Little Mac Sonic
Mega Man Samus R.O.B.
Ryu Meta Knight Luigi

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