The Super Smash Meter is a game mechanic in Super Smash Bros. Clash. This is the new way of performing Final Smashes, extremely powerful super attacks that can usually be used only late in matches. It's fairly similar to the Revenge Meter from the Street Fighter IV games, although there are some differences.

The Super Smash Meter is divided into two parts: Activation (50%), and Generation (100%). When the first half of the gauge is filled (Activation) you can use your Final Smash, but the more the second bar is filled (Generation), the stronger and more damaging the Final Smash will be. It's usually worth it to wait until your Final Smash is close to or at a full two-gauge mark for maximum effect.

You fill this gauge up with the following methods:

  • Taking damage from attacks. (0.4% per damage point for normals; off normal damage alone you'll be able to utilize a Final Smash at 125%/250%. Clash Attacks give off 0.5% per damage point and other Final Smashes 0.8% per damage point)
  • Being KOed. (10%)
  • Countering opponents with Clash Counters. (4%)
  • Using Clash Bursts. (3%)
  • The Dog can fill this by taunting, although it's a very slow process. (about 0.2% of a meter is filled per taunt)

Still, you shouldn't get behind on purpose just to utilize one of these moves, although you could do that if you were in the lead, if you wanted.

A few characters can only do a Final Smash if they have both the Activation and Generation gauges filled. These moves include: