New to Super Smash Bros. Clash is the new titles system. This is a little string of words you can associate with yourself on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Like most customizable user options, you can select your title at your Smash Tab.

With the exception of the first title, each title in the game has to be unlocked. Alongside the generic titles, each character has 11 titles (5 bronze, 5 silver and 1 gold) unlocked through certain conditions (list in each characters' Challenge Wall) and each stage has 1 title for playing on the stage in multiplayer modes 15 times.

Generic TitlesEdit

Title How to Obtain
Super Smash Bros. Clash Player Available from the start.
Ready to Go! Set a title and icon.
Getting the Hang of It Beat Classic Mode on any difficulty.
Novice Clash Beat Classic Mode on Easy.
Normal Clash Beat Classic Mode on Normal.
Intermediate Clash Beat Classic Mode on Hard.
Developed Clash Beat Classic Mode on Very Hard
Expert Clash Beat Classic Mode on Intense
Advanced Clash Beat Classic Mode on Unfair.
Crazy Conquerer Beat Classic Mode and fight Crazy Hand.
No Quarters Needed Beat Classic Mode without using any continues.
Not Too Bad Beat Classic Mode on Unfair, do not use continues and fight Crazy Hand.
World Fighter Connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
Amateur Play a Ranked Clash.
Greatness in the Works Rank up to a Smash Rookie (get 100 Battle Smash Points).
Knight of the Round Rank up to Smash Knight (get 1,000 Player Smash Points).
Who Wants a Piece of This? Rank up to Smash King (get 10,000 Player Smash Points).
Owner of the Wi-Fi Bank Get 100,000 Fighter Smash Points with all characters combined.
Random Rookie Get all 60 main characters to P rank (500 Fighter Smash Points) on Ranked Clash.
Meet Me in the Skies Perform 5 Air Combos starting with a Launcher.
Falling with Style Finish a match with a gliding attack.
Finish with the Clash Finish a match with a Clash Attack.
Clash Maniac Finish 10 matches with Clash Attacks.
Diabolical Clasher Finish 30 matches with Clash Attacks.
Final Finisher! Finish a match with a Final Smash.
Feral Final Finisher! Finish 20 matches with Final Smashes.
Fantastic Final Finisher! Finish 50 matches with Final Smashes.
Have Some New Friends Unlock Luigi, Jigglypuff, Isaac, Professor Layton and Toon Link.
Accepting New Challengers! Unlock Wolf, Funky Kong, Roy, Snake and Sonic.
Master of Unlocking Unlock Zoroark, Knuckles, Ridley, Bowser Jr., and Mega Man.
Hold All the Keys Unlock Vaati, Waluigi, Alucard, King K. Rool and Mr. Game & Watch.
Think You Can Hide? Unlock R.O.B., Black Shadow, Ryu, Dark Samus and The Dog.
Safe Buster Unlock Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Kyle Hyde and Fawful.
Friend to All Nintendo Creatures Unlock all 60 main characters (this is excluding Secret A and B).
Secret Magnet Meet the conditions to fight Secret A in Classic Mode.
I Main Random Unlock all 62 characters (including Secret A and B).
Smalltime Play the game for an hour.
Hanged On Play the game for five hours.
Really Liking This Play the game for ten hours.
Regular Player Play the game for 20 hours.
I'm Feeling Great Play the game for 50 hours.
It's the Way of Life! Play the game for 100 hours.
Smashing Since '99! Clear the Chronicle.
Super Smash Bros. Player Get Super Smash Bros. listed in the Chronicle.
Super Smash Bros. Melee Player Get Super Smash Bros. Melee listed in the Chronicle.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Player Get Super Smash Bros. Brawl listed in the Chronicle.
Super Mario Bros. Fan Get Super Mario Bros. listed in the Chronicle.
Donkey Kong Fan Get Donkey Kong listed in the Chronicle.
The Legend of Zelda Fan Get The Legend of Zelda listed in the Chronicle.
Metroid Fan Get Metroid listed in the Chronicle.
Yoshi Fan Get Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island listed in the Chronicle.
Kirby Fan Get Kirby's Dream Land listed in the Chronicle.
Star Fox Fan Get Star Fox listed in the Chronicle.
Pokémon Fan Get Pokémon Red & Blue listed in the Chronicle.
F-Zero Fan Get F-Zero listed in the Chronicle.
Earthbound Fan Get Mother listed in the Chronicle.
Fire Emblem Fan Get Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon & the Sword of Light listed in the Chronicle.
Wario Fan Get Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land listed in the Chronicle.
Pikmin Fan Get Pikmin listed in the Chronicle.
Punch-Out!! Fan Get Punch-Out! listed in the Chronicle.
Chibi-Robo Fan Get Chibi-Robo! listed in the Chronicle.
Golden Sun Fan Get Golden Sun listed in the Chronicle.
Professor Layton Fan Get Professor Layton & the Curious Village listed in the Chronicle.
Hotel Dusk Fan Get Hotel Dusk: Room 215 listed in the Chronicle.
Ice Climber Fan Get Ice Climber listed in the Chronicle.
Kid Icarus Fan Get Kid Icarus listed in the Chronicle.
Mach Rider Fan Get Mach Rider listed in the Chronicle.
Game & Watch Fan Get Ball listed in the Chronicle.
R.O.B. Fan Get Gyromite and Stack-up listed in the Chronicle.
Duck Hunt Fan Get Duck Hunt listed in the Chronicle.
Metal Gear Fan Get Metal Gear listed in the Chronicle.
Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Get Sonic the Hedgehog listed in the Chronicle.
Mega Man Fan Get Mega Man listed in the Chronicle.
Street Fighter Fan Get Street Fighter listed in the Chronicle.
Magmortar Unlock all content except for this title

Character TitlesEdit

Character Set Title
Mario Bronze Equal In Everything
Mario Bronze Friend of Yoshis
Mario Bronze Man of Many Suits
Mario Bronze Reptile's Bane
Mario Bronze Mushroom Kingdom President
Mario Silver Red Mustache
Mario Silver Jumpman
Mario Silver Koopa Troop Enemy #1
Mario Silver Burning Plumber
Mario Silver Mr. Nintendo
Mario Gold Mr. Video Game
Bowser Bronze Mushroom Kingdom Menace
Bowser Bronze Blazing Breath
Bowser Bronze Green Golden Glacier
Bowser Bronze Does Not Like Plumbers
Bowser Bronze Wrestler Turtle
Bowser Silver Sharp Shell
Bowser Silver A Father to His Men
Bowser Silver Millions of Minions
Bowser Silver Father of Eight
Bowser Gold The Koopa Klaw
Fawful Bronze Servant of Cackletta
Fawful Bronze Beanville's Enemy
Fawful Bronze Beefless
Fawful Bronze Mad Scientist
Fawful Bronze The Swirled Eye
Fawful Silver Dark Star
Fawful Silver Internal Torture
Fawful Silver Furious Chortle Man
Fawful Silver Demon Dessert
Fawful Silver Anti-Mustache
Fawful Gold Mean Bean Machine
Ganondorf Bronze Destroyer of Hyrule
Ganondorf Bronze Complete Monster
Ganondorf Bronze Only Male Left
Ganondorf Bronze No F-Zero Machine Here!
Ganondorf Bronze No Use for This Blade
Ganondorf Silver Triforce of Power
Ganondorf Silver Shadow Bacon
Ganondorf Silver Gerudo Demon
Ganondorf Silver Ultimate Threat
Ganondorf Silver Prince of Darkness
Ganondorf Gold King of Evil
Ridley Bronze The Dark Path is Fun!
Ridley Bronze Space Pirate General
Ridley Bronze Aran Killer
Ridley Bronze Intelligent Savager
Ridley Bronze Sinister Flare
Ridley Silver Little Birdy
Ridley Silver Purple Psychopath
Ridley Silver Phazon Pirate Dragon Robot
Ridley Silver Cunning God of Death
Ridley Silver Archnemesis
Ridley Gold Monstrous Scott
Mewtwo Bronze #150
Mewtwo Bronze Chaotic Experiment
Mewtwo Bronze Pocket Mastermind
Mewtwo Bronze Cloning Purples
Mewtwo Bronze Psycho Breaker
Mewtwo Silver Making Big Improvements
Mewtwo Silver Psychic Soldier
Mewtwo Silver Broken Record #1
Mewtwo Silver Genetic Nightmare
Mewtwo Silver Gone Horribly Right
Mewtwo Gold Ultimate Pokémon
Ike Bronze Gotta Have Blue Hair
Ike Bronze Regal Sword
Ike Bronze Mad King's War Hero
Ike Bronze Spawn of Gawain
Ike Bronze Friend of Laguz
Ike Silver Non-Royalty Guy
Ike Silver Blade of Gold
Ike Silver From the Ground Up
Ike Silver Hero of Blue Flames
Ike Silver Vanguard
Ike Gold Controller of Dawn
Sonic Bronze Way Past Cool
Sonic Bronze All About Speed
Sonic Bronze I Like Chili Dogs
Sonic Bronze Freedom Fighter
Sonic Bronze Fastest Thing Alive
Sonic Silver Genesis Does!
Sonic Silver Mascot with Attitude
Sonic Silver The Spin Dash
Sonic Silver Resident of Christmas Island
Sonic Silver Sonic Boom
Sonic Gold Blue Blur
Mega Man Bronze Robot Master
Mega Man Bronze Bane of Mad Science
Mega Man Bronze The Best of Light
Mega Man Bronze Heroes of 20XX
Mega Man Bronze Let's Rock & Roll!
Mega Man Silver Tenth Time's the Charm!
Mega Man Silver Rainbow Warrior Miracle
Mega Man Silver Legacy Robot
Mega Man Silver Super Fighting Robot
Mega Man Silver Mega Buster
Mega Man Gold Blue Bomber
Ryu Bronze Give It Your All
Ryu Bronze Street Fighter
Ryu Bronze Denjin Hadoken
Ryu Bronze Come on and Fight!
Ryu Bronze The New Challenger
Ryu Silver Black Belt in Shotokan
Ryu Silver The Heart of the Fight
Ryu Silver Surge Fist
Ryu Silver Rising Dragon Fist
Ryu Silver Tornado Whirlwind Kick
Ryu Gold Legendary Fighter

Stage TitlesEdit

Title Stage
Combat on All Grounds Battlefield
Destined Warrior Final Destinaion
Trophy The Stadium
A Space Person Observatory
Galaxy Rider Rainbow Road
Prisoner Bowser's Castle
Universal Buccaneer Pirate Homeworld
Sweet Brawler Candy Constellation
Colosseum Attendee Realgam Colosseum
Ocean Knight Big Blue: Ordeal
Melee Buffalo W.V.B.A. Arena
Fighter of Many Secrets Hotel Dusk
It's the Season... Hunting Zone
Shopping Lover Wii Shop Channel
Commanding Officer In-progress Advance Wars Stage
Egg Pawn Death Egg
Trained at the Marketplace Downtown China