In Super Smash Bros. Clash, players can rank up on Wi-Fi to advanced further on the leaderboard. There are two main ranking systems.

The first one is the Smash Points you earn for yourself as a player. These are called Player Smash Points. These have their own value for a user, and are affected the same way regardless of the character you play as' status Fighter Smash Point-wise. You will earn more Smash Points from winning a fight by beating an opponent with a much higher rank; a Smash Soldier is going to obtain a ton of Player Smash Points from beating a Smash Hero. Characters have a minor role; for example if you use a O rank character against an A+ rank you'll get a little more PSP than usual. Vice versa, losing to someone of a much lower rank will cause you to lose several points.

Player Smash Point ranks=Edit

Rank Points Needed Notes
New Smasher 0 Obviously you start as this
Smash Novice 50
Smash Rookie 100 Getting here unlocks a title
Smash Soldier 150
Smash Fighter 250
Smash Regular 500
Smash Knight 1000 Getting here unlocks a title
Smash Warrior 1500
Smash Champion 2000
Powerful Smash 2500
Master Smasher 3500
Smash Jack 5000
Smash Queen 7500
Smash King 10000 Getting here unlocks a title
Smash Lord 15000
Smash Emperor 20000
Grand Smasher 25000
Smash Gladiator 30000
Smash Master Lord 40000
Smash Hero 50000
Smash Superhero 60000
Eternal Smasher 70000
Galactic Smasher 80000
Unlimited Smasher 90000
Smash Brother 100000
Smash Leader 150000 Only obtained if you are one of the top 3 players on the leaderboard