Zekrom is a Poké Ball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Clash. Zekrom also appears as a trophy and a sticker.

As a Poké Ball PokémonEdit

Zekrom, being a Pokémon first debuting in Pokémon Black & White is obviously new to Clash in all roles, let alone as an extremely rare Poké Ball Pokémon.

When Zekrom pops up onto the screen, it roars while it's tail glows blue. It surrounds itself in a yellow aura and then charges forward for huge damage and knockback. Anyone who survives it is paralyzed, meaning they are in hitstun for way longer than usual. This attack is Lightning Strike, Zekrom's signature move in Pokémon Black & White. The charge extends to Final Destination distance and deals 40% on contact, KOing Mario at about 20%.